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BLOOM Saigon

BLOOM Saigon Restaurant in South HCM City (Vietnam)  

"Because Love Overcomes One’s Misfortune" 

The BLOOM Saigon Restaurant and Training Facility has been a dream of ACWP for years. Thanks to the three young ladies: Ms. Tho, Ms. Van and Ms. Trang, the May Restaurant owners have made an easy transition for ACWP to take over this restaurant without any start-up investment costs.

Now the MAY restaurant in Saigon is officially managed by ACWP (Aid to Children Without Parents). The menu caters Authentic Vietnamese cuisine and Asian Fusion dishes created by our American chefs at BLOOM USA Catering (

BLOOM provides a vocational training program and a service-oriented English course for staff and other ACWP scholarship students.


If you are looking for a memorable dining experience while visiting Vietnam, ACWP's General manager Diem Vo is happy to help you include BLOOM Saigon into your itinerary. 

Thank you for your support.

Check the link for our website: 
and call to reserve your space.

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