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Our Mission


ACWP (Aid to Children Without Parents Inc.) and Bay Area Chefs invite you to try BLOOM USA CATERING SERVICE and sample a new concept of serving delectable cuisines in the US, while using the profits to fund vocational training and other programs for disadvantaged children in Vietnam, Cambodia and the US.   

We provide the best catering for all types of parties, large and small -- from Birthdays to Anniversaries, Corporate Meetings to your big Wedding day, BLOOM Catering will be there to make your event special. We serve our Asian Fusion, Cajun and French dishes with Signature Salads, Sumptuous Sides and Tasty Starches. BLOOM will bring our kitchen trucks to your place.

Our team of highly qualified professionals will make any event a pleasure and can confidently say that BLOOM Catering is your best choice. Our attention to detail, experience, and reliability ensure that your event will be a smashing success.

Check the link to see BLOOM Catering in action:

Our Impact


ACWP (Aid To Children Without Parents), Inc. was founded in 1988 by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Huu, affectionately known as “Bac Huu,” and a group of professionals in response to the critical needs to assist thousands of unaccompanied Vietnamese refugee minors who were displaced & detained in various refugee camps throughout Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong in the late 1980’s. Through friends, colleague and family members’ support, we raised needed funds to develop and support programs such as free classes at refugee camps, healthcare services, recreational and youth activities, seasonal celebration of Mid-Autumn, Christmas, and Tet festivals.

In November 1994, ACWP opened the first office in the City of Hue, in the Central region of Vietnam,  in order to continue providing assistance to the repatriated refugee minors, who could not find resettlement in other third-party countries and were sent back to Vietnam, once again as orphaned and displaced refugees in their own country.

Our mission has since evolved to serve the local orphaned and under-privileged children in the rural and remote areas of Central, Highland and South Vietnam, and the programs have since expanded into a wide range of services that include:

  1. Cattle Raising Program (CRP) - Animal Husbandry Program.

  2. Education Sponsorship (ESP) – Financial Aid from 1st – 12th grades.

  3. New Schools Program (NSP) – Funding For New/Rebuilt School Construction

  4. Higher Education Program (HEP) - Financial Aid for University level students.

  5. Corrective Surgery Program (CSP) – Free Corrective Surgery Program.

  6. Emergency Relief Program (ERP) – Direct Aids to Victims of Natural Disasters.

  7. Mobile Healthcare Program (MHP) – A Mobile Medical Outreach Program.

  8. Vaccination & Preventive Care (VAKC) – A Hepatitis B Vaccination Program.

  9. Vocational Training (VT) – BLOOM & HOA SUA of Culinary, Hotel & Tourism Hospitality Training Program.

  10. Saving Children In Crisis (SCIC) - Help in preventing sexual trafficking of Vietnamese and Cambodian children and young women by providing financial assistance, shelter and vocational options.


​BLOOM stands for "Because Love Overcomes One's Misfortune"

Since 1988, ACWP (Aid to Children Without Parents) has been a tireless advocate for children in need in Southeast Asia and the US.  With your help and support, thousands of children and families have been helped and saved from starvation, exploitation, diseases, and death.

You can help ACWP continue its mission to help children help themselves by supporting our most innovative venture to date - funding vocational programs abroad by catering gourmet cuisines here in the U.S. with BLOOM CATERING SERVICE.

Together, we can accomplish our mission of providing hope and opportunity to thousands more... and do so with one helping hand at a time for "one child at a time".

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